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Seven festive swims to celebrate the Christmas season in sub-zero style

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A tour across the world reveals outdoor swimming is a global Christmas and New Years Day staple

Surprisingly, the outdoor Christmas swim is not a bastion of purely British eccentricity. People around the world choose to celebrate the joy of the festive season by submerging themselves in water ranging from somewhat cool to quite-literally freezing. (We’re talking axes to break the ice before anyone can even make it in.)

And while other traditions may vary, strangely a whole host of international locations with little else in common share this desire to defy the cold with some festive aquatic frolicking.

Forget singing, maybe this offers some hope that one day we really will be able to teach the world to swim, in perfect harmony …

Copa Nadal, Christmas Day, Barcelona Harbour

As swims go, you might consider the Copa Nadal, held on Christmas Day itself, to be a bit of a soft option. But with average December temperatures of just 11 degrees, this is hardly suntan weather and, at the very least, makes it to the “a bit nippy” level of difficulty. Organised by the Barcelona Swimming Club, it’s been running since the early 1900s, and not much short of the Spanish civil war has managed to get in its way since then. It’s a race over 200 metres too, although participants vary from the “splashing around just for fun” variety to more serious competito

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