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    While coaching swimming nothing would send the hair on the back of my neck standing more than the words ‘I CAN’T’. My internal scream would send out a louder ‘WHY NOT’. The interaction, the turbulence, provided a direction…head first into the fire. I feared that the ‘I CAN’T’, if not investigated, concretes itself into the safe harbor, the containment, of a lifelong ‘BREAKWALL’. The ‘WHY NOT’ is ‘THE BEYOND’, the battle cry, the direction, the salvaging effort. The metaphor is ageless, human.
    Going ‘BEYOND BREAKWALLS’ is living your life… ‘BBW’ is the encouragement.

    I am dedicating these efforts in support of 'The Brotherhood For The Fallen'

    They represent reverently, modestly, and humbly the individuals who chose a side, planted their heels, and met their final call. They are Hero’s, represented by Hero's. It's an incredible honor.
    Thanks for visiting, that too is an Honor...

Keep on swinging, and swinging, and swinging…

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Take the hits and be willing to make your opponent go where he doesn’t want to go…there will be a change.


‘Just lay down’.


Most would give that advice. Most would never get into the ring, the arena. Most have a different perspective, a common perspective, safe perspective.


‘Stay down’…




‘Stay down, stay down, your beat’.


The difference between driving and riding, walking and running, giving and taking is the difference between living and existing…waiting.


Luke couldn’t stay down, he’s living. He is exposing his Spirit. The stage is set, the chains are broken…shattered. He keeps on swinging, getting up and swinging, being advised to ‘Stay Down’.


He refuses to listen…


Rather die than give up, or give in…


His response?


‘Your gonna have to kill me’.






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    I fell a few times in the past few years that 'BBW' is a climb back, a rekindling of my Soul. The postings keep me 'tracking' in a passionate direction. I need that, Passion. The other piece that is so important to me, especially at this time in my life, is to somehow share the experience, the attitude, humor, pain... all things human. It's in this place we can relate and in certain moments...carry each other. I need that too.
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